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Examination of the "Values" instrument's scale and item reliability was conducted using ? cases.  Based on these assessments the Workplace Values instrument is a reliable measure of six independent and coherent value scales.

Scale reliabilities
All of the reliabilities attain a minimally acceptable standard on Cronbach's alpha.  The theoretical, altruistic, and economic scales are notable for their strong coherence.


Cronbach's alpha

Theoretical .80
Economic .81
Individualistic .70
Altruistic .84
Political .66
Regulatory .71
Correlations among scales
The low levels of correlations among the six scales supports a conclusion that these scale represent independent value dimensions when measured with this instrument.
  Theoretical Economic Individualistic Altruistic Political Regulatory
Theoretical 1          
Economic -0.1763 1        
Individualistic -0.2067 -0.2757 1      
Altruistic -0.1291 -0.6807 0.1318 1    
Political -0.2874 -0.2104 -0.2104 -0.4479 1  
Regulatory -0.1023 -0.2996 -0.2483 0.1766 -0.3116 1

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