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Why we do what we do.

This report illuminates the "hidden motivators" or drive factors of the incumbent. The report amplifies the drive factors that allow for long term intrinsic motivation. It includes the topics of

bulletGeneral Characteristics,
bulletPrimary Strengths,
bulletKeys to Managing and Motivating,
bulletTraining and Learning Insights, and
bulletAreas for Continuous Quality Improvement.

The purpose and theme emphasize optimal human performance, and long range motivation. One's Workplace Values initiate and drive workplace behaviors. Therefore, the second section of this document should be read through the filter of the Workplace Values.


The purpose of this report is to illuminate and amplify specific factors that motivate and develop the individual in the working environment. Additionally, it can be used as a tool to

bullethelp the individual and his peers build on the strengths that he brings to the the team with whom he/she works on a daily basis,
bullethelp the individual and his managers enlarge the scope of her/his strengths to include the organization at large, including internal and external stakeholders,
bulletamplify the diversity of strengths offered by all members of the team,
bulletstreamline communication,
bulletbuild effective and empowered working teams, and
bulletreduce ramp-up time for new members of the the team.

Values as Motivators

The Workplace Values Inventory measures the relative prominence of six basic interests or motives in behavior on the job: namely, Theoretical, Economic, Individualistic, Altruistic, Political, and Regulatory values.

Value the Drive for
Theoretical Knowledge
Economic Money
Individualistic Uniqueness
Altruistic Helpfulness
Political Power & Control
Regulatory Order

Values help to initiate one's behavior and are sometimes called the 'hidden motivators' because they are not always readily observed. A knowledge of an individual's values help to tell us why they do what they do. By measuring values, we uncover some of these motivators and can identify strengths that make each person unique within an organization. Values initiate or drive our behavioral style.

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