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Workplace Values
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Why we do what we do.

This report illuminates the "hidden motivators" or drive factors of the incumbent. The report amplifies the drive factors that allow for long term intrinsic motivation. It includes the topics of

bulletGeneral Characteristics,
bulletPrimary Strengths,
bulletKeys to Managing and Motivating,
bulletTraining and Learning Insights, and
bulletAreas for Continuous Quality Improvement.

The purpose and theme emphasize optimal human performance, and long range motivation. One's Workplace Values initiate and drive workplace behaviors. Therefore, the second section of this document should be read through the filter of the Workplace Values.

Workplace Values Inventory Report - Description

Find out about the purpose of this valuable instrument and an outline of the six basic interests or motives in behavior.

Workplace Values Inventory Report - Example

See an example of a Values Inventory Report.


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