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Entertaining Speaker, Professor

Keynote, interactive training sessions, and user groups.

Dr. Watson has presented speeches and workshops that have received standing ovations from audiences of over 3,000. He offers a variety of topics on behavioral sciences, workplace values, team-building, and psychological profiling. He is consistently ranked as one of the top presenters at user conferences and trade conventions internationally. Three decades of experience in consulting and education, and formerly a Professor of Instructional Psychology at Wheaton College.
Researcher, Author

National publications and trade journals.

Watson's research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and on national radio and television programs. He has written journal articles, and psychology, sales, and team-building workbooks for nationally known publishers. Member of: American Psychological Association, and National Speakers Association among others.
Behavioral Science Developer

Leadership Profiles for: Workplace Values, Preferred Style, and Job Culture Analysis.

His industry-specific seminars show professionals in sales, customer service, and technical support how to better understand themselves and their customers for increased effectiveness. Watson's research on Workplace Values spans over two decades, and has gained wide acceptance across the country. The unique "Leadership Profile" reports are used in pre-hire screening, team-building, management, and training models across North America. The reports provide detailed information on HO«' a person completes the job (behavioral style), WHY they do what they do (values), and the perceived CULTURE in which they do the job, resulting in increased effectiveness and optimal human performance.
TV Anchorman, Radio Host For eight years Dr. Russ Watson was seen weekly in Chicago as News Anchorman for the NBC-TV" (WMAQ) Everyman program. He has also been Producer and Host of the NBC-FM (WKQX) Open Circuit radio program, both sponsored by the Church Federation of Greater Chicago.

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